Microsoft Takeover of EA Rumors Swirling


On US and European trading floors yesterday, rumors began to spread that Microsoft is in talks to acquire Electronic Arts. This news is absolutely huge. I am wholeheartedly AGAINST this happening.

Think about it for a second. If Microsoft acquires EA, then all of EA’s titles will convert from third-party titles to FIRST-party titles, effectively cutting out Sony and Nintendo from any further EA games. This would all but destroy any kind of competition that is currently apparent in the gaming industry. All EA games would only appear on Xbox 360 (and future Microsoft consoles) or Games for Windows.

From a Microsoft standpoint, this would be a very effective maneuver if they want to destroy the competition. I understand that there are those gamers among us that do not like EA or their games, but those gamers aren’t the majority. At any rate, count me against this move, as I am wholeheartedly FOR competition in the gaming industry, as that is supposed to keep pricing down. Who knows where the prices would go if the competition goes out the window?

Of course, all of this is 100% speculation based on swirling rumors. Keep that in mind as well.

Source: Reuters Market News – Electronic Arts jumps on takeover talk

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