Some Other Podcast, Special 2: ESTROCAST!

About a week and a half ago I got together with some lady friends of mine to discuss PAX 2009 from our perspective as well as marketing to women.  The show originally aired on The Married Gamers but I also wanted to put it up on our feed so you folks could check it out.  The original description of the show from TMG is below.  Sorry to push this out to you guys so late.  The evil Zombie Plague I had kept me from doing anything the last few days.  Also, don’t worry your regularly scheduled podcast will hit tomorrow as well!

It’s Ladies Only as Mrs Lefty is joined by Gamer Edie from Gamehounds, Elaine from Some Other Castle and Kikikat from Breaking The Game. Together they discuss PAX from a female’s perspective, what game marketers should learn to reach women gamers more effectively, and what they love to see out of PAX 2010.

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