Why Should Games Cost $60?


I’ve often wondered why games cost so much. I’m certainly not the only one who has these thoughts. The absolute highest price paid for a PS2/Xbox/Gamecube title was $49.99. Why, all of a sudden should PS3/Xbox 360 owners have to pay $59.99? Are the games honestly that much better as a whole? I don’t believe so.

There are certainly interesting theories, such as a correction for inflation. However, I’m under the impression that, due to increased salaries and increases in the cost of technology used to develop the games, those that decide on the pricing decided that a $10-increase was necessary.

Of course, the only possible way to force them to lower the price is to simply STOP PAYING THE $60. If the game isn’t selling, the price WILL be lowered. You can count on that. But we as gamers simply won’t. We can’t. The games that everyone buys have become so hyped and so good that enough people will buy the title to justify the $60 price.

David Thomas over at Crispy Gamer gives his take on this ‘$60 Dilemma’. It’s a good read, in my opinion, and can open some eyes at price-comparison and how the ‘pie’ is divided on that $60.

Source: Crispy Gamer | The 60-Buck Dilemma.

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  • Orange Monkey

    Count yourself lucky. In the UK they are even more expensive. I paid £50 on launch day for GTA IV which works out at about $80.
    It’s the last time I spent that kind of money. Since the recession games drop in price a lot quicker so I’m sitting on my hands waiting for Batman AA to drop.
    I know production costs have gone through the roof but it’s a lot of buck for your bang. Especially for games that only last eight hours or so,

  • I agree that there are some titles that truly aren’t worth the $60-80 price tag, but games such as the COD franchise, the Madden franchise, and the Halo franchise, in which players will invest hundreds of hours, makes paying $60 ‘worth it’ because of the price-per-hour-played. My example will be Mass Effect. I’ve invested well over 300 hours into that title. If I had paid $60, that’s $0.20 per hour played. That’s a damn bargain in my book.