Digital Cowboys: Episode 123

DC 123

We’re joined this week by Sinan Kubba and Joe DeLia of Big Red Potion a particularly distinguished and intelligent gaming podcast associated with The Game Reviews and The Unified Gamers Network. We discuss with them genres that we have extreme difficulty getting into and which games might help us get into them, why AAA titles with fantastic review scores often leave us feeling annoyed at their minor shortcomings and how ridiculous that is. We also launch a streamlined quickfire version of our eight questions, now down to just five.

We have some great news about expanding and maintaining our community, and it’s something you can all take part in. We also announce the results of our part in the grand Platform Nation MAG beta code giveaway contest. Who will the ten lucky PSN ID’s be? All that plus details of how you could win a big old bag of our PAX swag; including T-Shirts, codes, rare promotional items and full games, plus for the next week we’re giving away even more shinies every day. We ask you, what other podcast treats you so well?

Finally we devote 45 minutes to a thorough review of Beatles Rock Band. Find out if we feel it’s worth the wait, the money and the hype.

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