P*N’s Most Anticipated Holiday Games

Yesterday, Platform Nation gave you a sweeping overview of the  upcoming games of the Holiday season. Every year, publishers and developers count on third and fourth quarter game sales to boost revenue.  2009 looks to be another landmark gaming year in terms of both quality and quantity. To celebrate, the Platform Nation staff has come up with a list of our top five most anticipated games:

#5     GOD OF WAR 3

Okay, okay… it’s not exactly a holiday game; but we did this democratically, so it’s on the list. This third entry in the brutal third-person action trilogy should “wrap up” Kratos’ story in style.  In March, 2010, players will get to bask in the glory of the first God of War game to make it onto the PS3. If you thought the last two games in the franchise looked good, then you’ll find God of War 3 absolutely mind-blowing. Platform Nation’s own Scott diMonda summed up this game quite nicely: “it’s Kratos in all of his ass-kicking action.”  Well put, Scott… the gods will be sorry that they ever screwed with this guy. For those who just can’t wait until after the holidays, you’ll be happy to know that a demo for God of War 3 will ship with the God of War Collection on November 10.

#4     Forza Motorsport 3

For years, gamers had only one good option if they were looking for a quality racing simulator: Gran Turismo.  However, in recent years Microsoft has dealt a serious blow to the Playstation exclusive by rolling out the Forza series.  Bright, crisp graphics and endless car tuning options have been a staple of the trilogy, but Forza 3 promises much more that its predecessors ever could. 400 cars will race across 100 gloriously detailed tracks. If that wasn’t enough, the new video editor should make for some fun times, especially when you want to capture that amazing crash you just had. The writers had a lot to say about this game, and phrases like “car porn” did manage to occasionally pop up.  However writer Vincent Lynch (whose gamertag is racingfreak92, by the way) seemed skeptical, noting that the footage that Microsoft has shown looks impressive, but “that’s hardly something to trust.”

#3     Uncharted 2: Among Theives

It’s no secret that we really like the PS3 here at Platform Nation; for years we’ve raved about how good Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was.   This October, Uncharted 2 will be unleashed upon the world, complete with brand new competitive multiplayer and co-op modes.  As good as the first game was, it didn’t have a whole lot of replay value; Uncharted 2 should rectify this by varying the landscape more frequently and allowing for friends to take on the adventure together.  Most of the staff here at P*N managed to get in on the multiplayer beta, and they had some great things to say about it. Nathan Hardisty expects to see the title on quite a few Game of the Year lists, and Editor-in-Chief Steven Artlip expects it to be “the second best game of all time.” Try taking a guess at what the first is (hint: it’s #2 on our list)

#2     Modern Warfare 2

You’re surprised that it isn’t number one, aren’t you?  This highly anticipated follow-up to the definitive shooter of the generation promises to be even bigger and better than the original.  Call of Duty 4 broke the mold by creating a first-person shooter with an XP-focused (yet remarkably balanced) online multiplayer component.  Modern Warfare 2 will allow for even deeper loadout customization; it’s risky territory, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Infinity Ward.  P*N’s staff is really excited about this one, some are looking forward to the night-vision pack-in with the Prestige Edition.  Others just want to get their hands on the game as quickly as possible. Editor Scott diMonda feels that “nobody really has to explain why they would want or need this game.” But for those who do need a little more detail about what they’re getting into, consider this: Head Honcho Steven Artlip thinks that Modern Warfare 2 “may be the best game of all time.”  So there.

#1     Borderlands

This surprise winner may be the most hardcore game ever made, which probably explains why almost everyone had it on their list.  Borderlands combines elements of first person shooters and RPGs, and throws them into a psychotically cell-shaded post-apocalyptic alien world. Writer Rane Pollock likes the similarities to Crackdown‘s art style, and editor Scott diMonda looks forward to the sheer number of main and side quests.  Randomly generated combat environments, combined with drop-in, drop-out online co-op should make for a unique gameplay experience.  Almost everyone on the staff compared this game to Fallout 3, but Vincent Lynch took things a step further by noting that “[Borderlands] has an amazing art style, and it could be Fallout with GOOD combat.”

You don’t like our list, do you? Well then, let us know! We’ll be running another feature next week that’s all about the game of your choice. So, leave a comment below telling us what your most anticipated holiday game is; the title with the most votes will be  featured in a special “viewer’s choice” article. And you know what? If we like your comment, we may even include it in the story.

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  • What!!! How is COD MW2 not number one?? I demand a recount!

  • Jake Green

    I’m suprised to see that MW2 didn’t come out at number 1, but more so that it was Borderlands that took the top spot.

  • Jordan Silverthorne (Silverthorne)

    Yeah, no joke. I was shocked myself.

  • Nathan Hardisty


    I sense a disturbance in the force.

  • ZED

    BRUTAL LEGEND! But it’s a tie for #1 on that list, MW2 & Borderlands, both gonna be great games.

  • looking forward to GOW and MW2 but Uncharted 2 is my winner! After the joy I had playing through the story 2x in Uncharted and seeing all the screens since e3 how can this be anything but amazing?!

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  • WOW!!!!!

    How did GOW 3 make a HOLIDAY LIST and I cant buy it this year…

    Just throw Splinter cell, Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy 13, Mass Effect 2 in there too.

    Some of those come out before GOW 3. And because of that this list is biased…..

  • MAG


    Enough said.