Need For Speed Shift Doesn’t Know What Console It’s On!

Since the release of Need for Speed Shift, some people seem to be experiencing a few problems and glitches with the game, particularly on the Xbox 360 version but one glitch that was experienced today has to be the funniest ever.
The 360 version of the game seems to be crashing whilst attempting to connect to the PlayStation Store. Yes you heard that right… EA’s latest racer whilst running on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 attempts to connect to the PlayStation Network.

Personally I haven’t experienced any problems with my copy of Need for Speed and that may possibly be the fact the PS3 version seems to be a lot cleaner, and when I saw that someone’s copy of the game for the 360 was attempting to connect to the rival network I both laughed (a lot) and then felt embarrassed for the developer. Microsoft will not be happy!

Story via FreakBits

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