Sackboy Meet Watchman

watchmen_blogMedia Molecule has announced that this Thursday will be the day Sackboy get’s a new addition of costumes and the new costumes will be from the graphic novel and recent movie adaptation Watchmen.

This Thursday, the Watchmen will come to save LittleBigPlanet from hoodwinks, in a new costume kit that allows you to assume the identities of four key characters from the acclaimed graphic novel, and its recent movie adaptation. The costume kit will also come bundled with some Watchmen themed stickers (and the costumes will be available individually too).

I guess a naked Dr Manhattan wont be making the cut for this DLC, sorry Sackboy no naked blue guy for you.

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  • sackboy

    Look, I can still make Dr Manhattan with blue sticker and custom face sticker – ease 😛

  • mr.epic

    I might me able to make a doctor. manhattan using stickers and neon eyes