Game Crazy Closing 200 Locations in October


Gaming retailer Game Crazy will be closing approximately 200 of it’s 680 locations across the US by the end of next month.

Officials of Movie Gallery, Inc, which owns Game Crazy, released an official statement: “Movie Gallery, Inc. is currently operating in an unprecedented consumer/retail environment. In order for us to continue to best serve our millions of customers across North America we’re addressing under performing stores and ensuring that there is sufficient [return on investment] associated with each of these stores going forward. The vast majority of our stores will be unaffected by these efforts.”

If you have pre-ordered a game from your local Game Crazy, I would get down there sometime this week to check and see if that location will be there when your game is supposed to be there. To be honest, the only store I would go to and pre-order a title is Best Buy. I know that GameStop is the defacto pre-order retailer because of its promotions and exclusive merchandise, but I can’t give my money to GameStop anymore. I just can’t.

Source: Joystiq

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