Hold Off On Buying L4D DLC

New-Left-4-Dead-Downloadable-Campaign-Coming----Free-On-PC-Not-On-360You have been waiting for the new Left 4 Dead DLC  Crash Course, but now I am telling to wait.  What gives you may be asking yourself?  Well I have a good explanation.  The DLC is supposed  to set you back 560 Microsoft Points, but it has hit the Marketplace at 800 Microsoft Points, it seems the DLC has made a crash landing on the Marketplace in the form of a price difference, but don’t fear Major Nelson is on top of it as he explained on Twitter.

Crash Course had was priced incorrectly. It’s being updated to be 560 points…so hold off until you see that price before you purchase.

So hold on just a little longer and you will save yourself 240 Microsoft points.

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  • ZED

    LIVE Marketplace as of late has been getting quite a few items on the Marketplace wrong. There was a Games on Demand game that was like 9999 points and an ODST Character that was 99999. I think their trying to find all the suckers who will buy the item at whatever the price is, then lower it down. Watch they ‘make a mistake’ with the next GTA4 DLC.