Spotlight: Torchlight

Some games fly under the radar. They can not escape the shadows of the Halos or Call of Duty’s or God of Wars. Spotlight will find great looking games that many gamers seem to be ignoring.

First up: Torchlight


Torchlight is being created by Runic Games. The launch date is Oct. 27th and it will be downloadable on the PC for only 20 dollars. The best description for Torchlight is cartoony Diablo. That is not surprising since Runic Games CEO is one of the co-creators of Diablo. The game does not shy away from its inspirations. The gameplay, classes, even its locations look very similar to Diablo and other action-RPGs, but its art style separates it immediately from the rest.


The game also boasts other mechanics that will help distinguish it from the pack. A retirement system will let you “retire” the characters that you have leveled up. This retirement will give your new character special benefits and perks. Players will also be able to gain pets to help them on their quest. Pets will attack enemies, carry items, level up with you, as well as many other things within the game Torchlight. The levels in Torchlight will be randomized which means monsters, treasures, puzzles, and items will be different every time you play. If you grow tired of murdering every monster in your path (I don’t know why that would happen) you can relax and fish.


There are three classes that gamers can choose from in Torchlight. The Destroyer, your big bruiser who likes to get up close and personal with the bad guys of Torchlight. The Vanquisher, a lovely lady who likes to take down enemies from a distance or with traps. And the Alchemist, the magic user who uses powerful blast as well as summoned minions to do his dirty work.

Torchlight was announced not too long ago and is being released very soon. Do not let its similarity with Diablo deter you, Torchlight looks to be very fun and will hopefully take all of what is great about action-RPGs. Plus it is actually going to be released within the next 30 years, so it has that advantage over Diablo 3. For only 20 dollars, Torchlight looks like a great deal. Check out the trailer below.

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