Tekken 6 Pre-Orders Bonuses

Tekken 6 hits store shelves Oct. 27 in North America and you Tekken fans can get some cool goodies by pre-ordering the game. Namco-Bandai is offering everything from Cardboard Tube Samurai DLC to a calendar to a laser cell to an actual Devil Jin chain pendant. The problem is, not every store will have all of the different pre-order bonuses. People who want to enter the King of the Iron Fist Tournament early will have to choose which store has the pre-order bonuses they want the most. Here is a guide for each store getting pre-order bonuses in North America and what bonuses they are getting.

T6 Preorder Menu

Also, the new video below was just released promoting Tekken 6 on Youtube. It features real world fighters, from boxers to sumo wrestlers, talking about how they got into fighting and why they keep fighting. It is perfect to watch before your next sporting event. O wait, you are a bunch of gamers… you can watch it before your next marching band parade!

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