A Games That Nobody Plays Anymore Special Event…


Let me explain yourself before you post below yelling “WHAT THE **** DUDEE?”, because really, I’ve had more than my fair share of that. Let’s cut to the chase here, there will be five articles and two webcomics throughout the special GTNPA week.

For a whole week I will take apart, piece by piece, Grand Theft Auto IV. It’s expansions, what I think it means to the series, multiplayer and so on. You might be already writing “But loads of people still play it?!”, that’s true, but I want to do a retrospective on this game and get it out of the way. Quite frankly, I don’t want to come back to this game one year from now, I’d like to do this special week and leave the whole topic alone. Forever.

“Forever? You’ve done this before haven’t you Nathan!” you’re thinking right now. Back on my old blog, The Purple View, I dedicated a whole series to taking apart GTA IV. I won’t spoil my own opinions for you, I’ll leave that for the actual week, but let me also inform you I dedicated a whole month to GTA. 12 full scale articles, the type you see on this site, and 8 webcomics. It was a lot of work, and I was hoping it would serve as a finisher to an almost year long rant on Grand Theft Auto IV.

This week, I can safely say, will mark the end. When October 28th drops and the Ballad of Gay Tony is released, I may review that, but you’ll never see another drop of Grand Theft Auto IV anywhere on my pages.

So tune in from Monday 12th October up until Sunday to get the lowdown on everything Grand Theft Auto IV!

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  • Nonya

    You’re a fucking idiot.. I see plenty of people playing gta iv and triple the amount on gta sa..