Closing Game Crazy stores begin clearance sales this weekend

The 200+ Game Crazy stores expected to close by the end of October will begin a liquidation sale, starting this weekend. Locations expected to shutter have received boxes and a list of items that are to be sent back for redistribution, which allegedly includes “all systems, major first party accessories (controllers, memory, etc).” The “majority” of games released within the last year will be also be sent out, “both new and used.” Several employees have commented that closing stores will likely be “pretty bare” by the time the sale starts.

The timetable for the liquidation, corroborated by several sources:

  • 10/3-10/11: 30% off everything in the store
  • 10/12-10/18: 50% off everything in the store
  • 10/19-Closing: 80% off everything in the store

There doesn’t seem to be a consistent date for when the stores will close, but we haven’t heard of any location staying open beyond October 27. (via joystiq)

If you have a closing Game Crazy store near you stop by and check out the prices because you will find some good deals on your favorite games.

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  • PlayingMantis

    You would think they would want to delay the “redistribution” shipments as long as possible. If a store that is closing could sell off it’s stock of systems, that would save a lot of shipping costs for the company.

    The newer games could also be depleted during the last month, saving even more on shipping.

    The clearance sale is going to bring a lot of customers, so they are missing out on some potential full-price sales on the titles and systems being scavenged from the closing stores.

    Maybe this lack of common sense is why so many stores are closing…?

  • killquick

    I pre-ordered Ratchet& Clank 3 from them for the Home unlockable Ratchet Suit so I want to know will they be still recieving this game on release or should I go to get my money back from them.

  • I’m going to walk across the street this weekend to see if I can find a cheap console for me or any cheap games.