Social Gaming

facebook_logo_newThink of mainstream gaming today the first thing that comes to mind is console gaming or PC gaming. You have the 3 main systems the Xbox 360 the Wii and the PlayStation 3 with other handhelds also sprinkled into the mix. Playing a video game has mostly been just that using a system and a controller to actually play something. Outside of that you had gaming that was done with your Personal Computer on many different websites.

Now gaming has become a major part of some social sites such as Myspace as its has it’s own gaming area, but Facebook most notably sky rocketed gaming by allowing different genres of games to be added to the site. Users are able to enjoy the game but also brag (almost like achievements) about the things they have accomplished. Facebook has opened up the world of social networking while also allowing more gamers to connect. In the future I see high end game companies taking advantage of projects utilizing Facebook users. Companies now have an avenue to bring games to those that would be less likely to purchase a gaming system.

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  • MarkWithers

    I hate to admit it but with millions of users, social games on facebook have such a large user base I can only see it being pushed more and more.

  • I would say it is a amazing thing. Look at mafia wars already with 5 million users alone. Then as far as facebook goes there are 24.5 million. I think you will start seeing first person shooters and the like within the near future