Writing On The Run

This is the new (Rumoured) Microsoft Courier it seems to be an amazing piece of technology for anyone looking for the good old note book killer but functionality and portability of the net book. Writers of game blogs or any one in a creative field should be excited for this new technology on the horizon. Imagine being at the next big gaming event wanting to do some quick notes. Paper and pen is too primitive sometimes a laptop is cumbersome so this will offer a great in between.
With the courier the face of Internet blogging and journalism could drastically change by allowing on the fly writing. You could pick up business cards, jot quick ideas or just pull it out when you want some time to process your thoughts. Also with a built in 3 mega pixel camera you have the option to take pictures on the fly to add to your writing project. courieruiii_01

Images Via: Gizmodo

The courier pictured here includes two, multi-touch 7-inch screens that can be used for writing, flicking, and drawing with a stylus pen, or navigated with your fingers it also Sports a 3MP VGA 4x Zoom with Flash. The Courier is like book like having a screen on each side allowing you to take notes on either page. With the size it will also be able to slip in a bag and pull out on the go no matter where you are. The cover is a mole skin type material so it doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary on the outside but inside it packs some great technology. Think of taking a tablet notebook a smart pen and the Ipod touch and rolling them all in one. Microsoft is calling the courier a booklet computer that will help any one in the field of design, writing or any field of work that requires you to be on the move but stay in touch with the real world.

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