Have No Fear TV Armor Is Here

lg2Have kids, pets annoying siblings, neighbors, clumsy wife or husband? Wait you said no to all those so you must at least have a Wii or maybe you are the controller throwing type gamer. We have all heard the horror stories of Wii motes gone awry and breaking that nice new LCD or plasma with Dad screaming in horror. If any of the above apply to you say thanks to TV Armor.

Michael Cunningham and business partner, Andrea Marker started TV Armor based out of NJ and what could make someone say hey I want protection for my 1800 dollar TV. Well for owner Michael it was his young son and his weapon of choice a small fire truck that helped befall the big giant LCD. The TV armor is 1/4 inch thick plastic that protects the screen with felt pads to raise it off the actual screen but is still clear enough you can see through it.

Check out the video below for a great demo..

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