L.A. Noire Still Alive

The above video is for a PS3 game called L.A. Noire and it was shown 3 years ago. Since then there has been hardly a peep about the game from Rockstar, the game’s creators. L.A. Noire looks very interesting and since its announcement I have wanted more information about it. Many gamers assumed that the game was dead because of the long silence.

Fortunately, a few days ago, more information came out about the game than in the last two years combined. Rockstar said the game “is coming along splendidly” and more information is coming soon. The game looks great and I am very happy it is still being made. Hopefully “soon” doesn’t mean 2012.

Via Kotaku

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  • ZED

    I really hope this game is produced, it looks to be another hit from RockStar, same with Agent. Any info on that game?

  • Bobby Gonzalez (nerdygonzo)

    I haven’t heard any news about Agent since E3.