Under The Radar

Explosions going off all around you, squad members down and you can hear a helicopter somewhere in the distance. Quiet whispers across the field, a tree crackling in the wind but the field is all but too quiet. Crickets chirping all seems well until a bullet can be heard as it passes by the commander yelling enemies on the ridge. All hell has broken loose and you hit the dirt trying to refocus your thoughts and scattered mind. Artillery rains down only a few hundred feet from you and is getting closer with every strike your only option run and hope for the best. Wait the game he is talking about has to be none other then Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that’s realistically the only game it could be!!!

site_flashpoint_logo Operation Flash-Point: Dragon Rising a some what little known title by Code Masters due out October 6th 2009 is a game that has been over shadowed by COD: MW2. Unless you played the first Flash-Point game you haven’t really been immersed into the world of this tactical shooter. It is much different then the run and gun game play of such games as the Call of Duty series. To win the war in Flash-point you have to use not only your weapons but your brains and teammates to overcome the enemy and objectives.

The plot plays out like this:

The game takes place on a small, fictional island based on the island Kiska located off the north coast of Japan called Skira during the present day. The island is a contested territory between Russia and China and becomes the center of an armed conflict when a large untapped oil and gas reserve is discovered there. The Russians who own the island ask America (their allies) to intervene as they are busy dealing with a large Chinese force on their own Russian border. The game begins as the player arrives as part of the United States Marine Corps and tasked with capturing the island on behalf of the Russians from the Chinese military.


You have the ability to choose from over 70 different weapons starting with small arms all the way up to larger artillery type strikes. What makes the weapon system so real is the ballistic realism on buildings, vehicles, humans or anything in the bullets path. The balance of the weapons is not artificially created by the game developers, but was created by their real life designers. Learning the best usage of each of these weapons will be a significant part of the challenge of the game.


Unlike other games Flash-Point takes a different approach to difficulty not by changing the AI or the gameplay in any way. At the easiest level, standard FPS information is given to the player about weapons, ammo, squad health, compass direction along with cross hairs via a HUD. As the level of difficulty is increased more is left to the player to remember such as health how many bullets are left. Players need to rely more on listening to squad members or watching for danger areas marked by smoke or major enemy troop movement.

This video shows a brief walkthrough of the game but also gives you a glimpse of what to expect.

Check out the offical site for more briefing:

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