Brutal Legend Preview


Brutal Legend is a game in which you follow the adventures through the land of rock as Eddie Riggs. He starts off at the beginning of the demo as just a roadie that no-one knows about, for a stupid “rock” band. His sets are extravagant and epic is all capacities. As the cut-scene goes on, one of the stupid band members climbs upon the set. And in the process of catching him. Part of the set lands on Eddie Riggs’s head and…. pretty much kills him.

Eddie Riggs is one of the most epic characters in a video game. He is voiced by the legendary Jack Black. Some people say that they aren’t a fan of Jack Black’s humor, but seriously, this game as absolutely amazing. The writing is amazing and the way that they are done in the game makes you love the character of Eddie Riggs so much.

Anyway, so after he is crushed by the set. The stage comes ALIVE. A giant rock beast jumps onto the stage. With it’s glowing eyes and flames coming out of it’s face. The art style in the game is so magnificent, they say that each part of the game has to look like something that would be on the front of a rock album. You can tell because as you are going through the level you will see things from giant rock statues with the rock hand symbol and awesome piles of bones and chains. Little things in the game are amazing such as the previously mentioned beast. Well it’s hands are not normal. Basically it doesn’t have it’s three middle fingers. And if you can imagine how awesome that looks, then you can imagine how good the art style in this game is.

eddie riggs

You wake up, and look around. And what’s around you. A giant stage filled with bones and it’s all destroyed. And when you explore then you realize that you aren’t in these times anymore and you are in the times when real rock rules the land. But within a minute of waking up, you are already getting attacked by some kind of demons of rock with giant sharp teeth and knifes. Looking around the stage area, you can find a weapon called THE SEPARATOR. This is your main weapon in the game for the moment, but i’m assuming you can get upgraded weapons later on in the full game. The Separator is a giant axe that you can use to slash your heart away!. You slay the evil beasts by hammering on the A button. And then you find your favourite guitar CLEMENTINE, oh but now it’s not just a normal guitar, when you play it, it now causes lightning to come down from the sky and shock enemies! This is basically the magic weapon in the game and later on I assume you can use it to do other awesome magic death spells.

You then learn how to do the earthshaker, which shakes the whole screen and causes the whole stage area to collapse. You are then greeted by a giant nun-like enemy riding on the back of a giant rock vehicle kind of thing. And once you have killed her you have to ride down the bone mountain on the back of it, obviously Eddie Riggs finds this hilarious and the audio is absolutely great.


Later on you gain the Druid Plow, which is a giant vehicle that you build to make your way through the level by plowing down the enemies. In the full game you will be able to customize this vehicle and add epic weapons to it. Once you get to the end of the road you come across a giant spider boss which you have kill by driving over it’s tonsils? And then trapping it’s head in a gate. Oh and you meet a very lovely woman that joins you for this mission.

Brutal Legend looks like an absolutely awesome game and I recommend that everyone download the demo right now!

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