Digital Cowboys: Episode 124

Preserving Games / Halo 3: ODST

Commander Tim of Gamehounds and The Widget joins us this week to discuss one of his specialties; the preservation of software and hardware, and what happens to our precious video games as the ravages of time render tapes unplayable and chips into soldered garbage. What’s being done to keep these memories alive? Some surprising home truths come to light about the finite nature of our favorite form of entertainment.

After this we have a full review of Halo 3: ODST from Tony and I. Find out if it’s over-hyped, under-hyped or actually worthy of being a full-price game. Along with this we have competition updates and my brand new game-related project for 2010.

Marian Call supplies the music for the end of the show with the particularly appropriate ‘In the Black’ from her album ‘Got to Fly’.



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