Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 head

Before I get this out of the way, let me start by saying that there’s going to be more than one mention of GTA IV. Saints Row 2 is a game that combines fun, absurdity, pop culture, violence and downright stupidity into one nice package. So it’s a GTA clone then? Well, I would go into detail about the comparison between this and GTA IV, but we’ll leave that for a few weeks down the line. You see, Saints Row 2 blows all other free-roam games out of the water. No superpowers, no deep serious plot, no deep characters, no cousin to ask you every five minutes if you want to go bowling. This is pure, thrilling GTA fun.

There’s no plot. But did you ever care about that in a GTA game? Well apparently you did so now every free-roamer on the market tries to put forward a story. Even GTA IV tried (and failed) to push a deep serious tone into its free-roam fest, resulting in… well you’ll find out. All I could gather from listening to characters was that I’d just bust out of jail and I have to go kill blah blah blah thank god for cutscene skips. I didn’t listen to the story, hell all I did was 3 story missions and then went trekking around the city. It doesn’t need a plot, no free roamer does, it just needs to give you balls out fun.

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Where do I begin to talk about it’s stupid, morbid sense of fun? Let’s just describe an average ten minute playthrough. You’ll spawn in your house, walk outside, beat three people to death with a baseball bat, use cheats to make yourself a giant, drive to the airport, fly a chopper high as possible and then jump out and splash head first into an old lady. Who just so happened to be in the way of your thrill-seeking ‘bungee jumping with the robe’ idea. You can rinse and repeat this and add your your own havoc seeking ideas but really, anyway you play it, you’re going to have so much fun.

Combat is  a real big charmer of this game. There’s two buttons to attack, hold down both to block, and you can pick up almost everything that isn’t glued down and beat people to death with it. I once spent a whole hour with my friend, using the midget cheat, just fending off the police with a stop sign. You can use weapons, of course, but really that’s if you want to be boring. What you’ll be using is either an RPG or a super shotgun thing that I found in the cheats menu. Oh, remember cheats? You know, the things that made video-games go from fun to balls tightening fantastic fun… no? Well they’re in Saints Row 2. All you need to know.

Saints Row 2 screen 2

There are various modes of transport to get around the city. Choppers, jets, jet skis, giant boats, commericial aeroplanes, cars (if you want to be boring), bikes and a parachute. Yeah, remember those? Base jumping from a billion feet in San Andreas, skydiving peacefully in Just Cause and apparently doing the same in Ballad of gay Tony. It’s all found here, with everything else of the free-roaming world included. There’s even some set challenges for parachuting, and there’s little minigames in which you have to wreck the most havoc… you can even ‘surf’ the aeroplanes and cars, handstand on them if you like.

Also included in Saints Row 2 is the real killer of GTA IV (yeah I said that), CO-OP. Not free roam with fifteen randomers or just with one friend, waddling around Liberty City with nothing to do. Everything I’ve described above, you can do with your friend. You can turn yourself teeny tiny with cheats, and take your friend to the tallest skyscraper to whack you across the sky. A bit like golf without the holes or the boring-ness. I haven’t even got knee-deep in the character customisation, you can make an anorexic pirate, a zombie repair man and mine, a giant obese half-naked lady. I love this game. I love this game. I love this game.

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  • I hear Gay Tony will add a lot of Saints Row 2 to GTAIV, guess those die hard GTA fans can wait for that. but SR2 is an awesome game on either console and everyone should experience it!

  • Jake Green

    I love this game 😀 Much better than GTA4 in my opinion, after all it is pure fun.

  • I stopped enjoying GTA after vice city. Then Saints Row came out and I fell in love with the genre again. Thanks to Volition Inc. Although, I hear Volition has their hands full with another project and thus won’t be working on SR3. This worries me.

  • derek ferreira

    Between this and Red Faction Guerrilla, Volition really know how to do open World games. Imagine the push this game would get if EA buys out THQ and Publishes Saints Row 3?

  • ZED

    I love both games, GTA4 and SR2. I still play SR2, only co-op tho.

    I think the only thing that THQ doesn’t know how to do is DLC. Take SR2 for example. I got all 3 DLC packs. One was free and the other were for a low cost but, only 3 missions and a bit of stuff to do on the side. Now take a look RFG DLC. One DLC was missions, the others Multiplayer. Since there was way more you could do in RFG (Guerrilla/Marauder Actions, Destroy Buildings) it was better but again only 3 missions. Only bought 2 DLC’s for RFG.

    If THQ can do better on the DLC then something will happen, and it would be great.

    That said, can’t wait for SR3 and GTA4: BoGT!

  • Nathan Hardisty

    Oddly enough Voliton, who developed Saints Row 2, also did Red Faction Guerilla.


  • ZED

    It does boggle the mind. If your comparing SR2 and RFG graphically, RFG is way WAY better. The fun factor is there on both games, why couldn’t they be the same graphically? The games were released only a year apart.

  • ummmm…..Still Playing it!

  • The storyline of Saints Row 2 is rather annoying indeed, mostly for the rather dickish stuff your character ends up doing. GTA IV had the same problem too, with its rather serious story not meshing at all with the slapstick comments the radio DJ and civilians make. It’s hard to take the storyline seriously like it expects you to when it doesn’t take the rest of the game seriously.

  • ZED

    ^True. But comparing the overall game of GTA4 to and earlier GTA, it was more serious.

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