We Are Back Online, Lets Give Some Stuff Away!

As you might have noticed we had some downtime over the weekend as we had to move our site to yet another new server because we simple outgrew another one. So to celebrate us coming back online we have decided to give away some special codes that will luck some sweet gear for your Xbox Avatar.

We have 40 codes to giveaway in all, all you have to do to enter is stop by our forums, in this thread, and tell us who your favorite Seattle Sounder player is and why?

Good luck everyone and welcome back to Platform Nation!

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  • Nathan

    osvaldo alonso FTW!!

  • BossKamikaze

    I cant seem to register to your forums so i will post it here.

    Brad Evans

    Heart and Soul of the midfield

  • killquick

    Soccer I really don’t like, but here goes, Terry Boss goalkeeper that is 205 and can still move quick on his feet.

  • Dj A1Yola

    Freddy Montero is my favorite Sounder because he has made some great goals for the new club in the MLS. Finally a team in Seattle worth rooting for!

  • Mirpkered

    Even though he isn’t a true player for the team, I’ll say Drew Carey since he owns part of the team.