Rumor: PS2 and Dreamcast Coming to PS3


Ever since PS3 dropped backwards compatibility from the PS3, a big question that has been on everyone’s minds has been – Will the PS3 ever come back to backwards compatibility.  While there have been many speculations as to how this could be done (including rereleasing old PS2 games onto new Blu-ray disks like the God of War series is doing) there has been no official announcements from Sony confirming (or denying for that matter) backwards compatibility making its return to the PS3.  Well, since we ALL know how bad Sony is at keeping secrets (including Sony) here’s a couple of things that have been spreading around the internet about some of Sony’s new projects…  Keep in mind that so far they are rumors, but there is evidence to suggest that this may actually be happening. (the strongest evidence being that Sony has yet to confirm or deny)

The following is rumored to be a report of a meeting between SCEA and Sega that was accidentally published to Sega’s PR website.  It included much more information than this, but these are the main two that really stood out:

PS2 emulator for the PS3 (Confidential)

  • SCEA wants to sell PS2 titles on the PSN (GTA Vice City/Sonic/Etc)
  • For co Marketing money show PS3 controller on TV ads – similar to EA Madden spots, NCAA, etc.

DC Digital Titles

  • If we provide a list of DC titles SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively.
  • If we give them a long period of exclusivity they’ll give us more marketing support.

So let me break some of this down for you.  From just this first little bit of information given, assuming it’s true, we can expect Sony to be planning on bringing backwards compatibility back to the PS3 through emulation (which most people thought would happen eventually anyways).  In addition to this new backwards compatibility, it looks like they would like to start making PS2 games available on PSN, just like they’ve done with PS classic games.  This way you would have the option to download PS2 games straight to your PS3.

Now the second part, Sony wants to get old Dreamcast games available on the PSN as well.  Plus, if you read into it a little bit, Sony wants TIMED exclusiveness (a term so widely practiced by the Big 3, but seldom used) which means that DC titles may eventually be making their way over to the other systems as well.  Good news all around.

Anyway that’s it for now.  Perhaps we will get more information in the future when someone else leaks a little more info.  So do you think this rumor is legit?

Original article via wiispace

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  • ZED

    Oh please, oh please god let this happen. We all want to play the GTA Franchise on PS3. I would be doin it right now if I had backwards compatiability on my Slim.

  • nickba

    I can just see myself reliving some of those old classics.