Left 4 Dead 2: “Scavenge” New Multiplayer Mode

Not only will Left 4 Dead 2 have more scenarios, weapons, common infected, boss infected, ammo, times of day, swamps, numbers in the title, black main characters, boycotters, reformed boycotters, and banjo music than Left 4 Dead 1, but it will also have a new mode named Scavenge. In Scavenge, four survivors race to collect 16 gas cans to start a generator while four infected players try to stop them. At the start of each round, survivors have 120 seconds to collect the gasoline. Each gas can recovered nets the survivors 20 more seconds. If time runs out and a survivor has a gas can in their hands, overtime begins until the survivors succeed or the infected brutally kill the survivor with the gas (or they can knock the gas can from the survivor’s hands, but who would want to do that?).

After three rounds, the teams switch and the former survivors have a chance to get revenge on the new survivors trying to collect the gas cans. Survivors have to watch where they are shooting or they could set fire to the precious gasoline they are supposed to be collecting. Some infected can do the same, I’m looking at you Spitter.


Scavenge is meant to be a shorter competitive mode that versus. Left 4 Dead 2 will ship with six maps for the new mode on November 17th. Check out Destructoid for some pictures and info.

Via Destructoid

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