Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Announced

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has 24 (25 if/where you pre-ordered the game) comic book characters for players to choose from, but Vicarious Visions decided that number wasn’t enough. Today, on IGN, this video for a new DLC character was released.

As you can see in the video, Carnage can change parts of his body into weapons, like claws and axes. He can also shoot projectiles out from himself. His odd and interesting powers, along with his creepy design, should add a lot to MUA 2’s current roster. I expect he is only the first of a few Marvel characters to be announced as DLC in the coming weeks.

Carnage is a Spider-Man villain. He is Venom’s son and a fellow symbiote. In the comics, Carnage bonded with a psychotic serial killer named Cletus Kasady, which resulted in a crazy, super powered murder who was more powerful than Spider-Man or Venom. Carnage’s motivation in the comics is simple; kill everything. Only Spider-Man and Venom working together could stop Carnage during his first appearance, and since then he has caused all sorts of trouble. Currently Carnage is believed to be dead because Sentry grabbed him, flew into space, and tore him in half. I say “believed to be” because you never really know in comic books.


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