Robbie Bach Talks Project Natal Pricing


Microsoft had an ‘Open House’ event in NYC a couple of days ago, showing off the upcoming holiday titles as well as the forthcoming updates to the Xbox 360 Dashboard. However, it seems that the most interesting discussion was when Robbie Bach, the head of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, began talking about Project Natal’s pricing. Chris Morris from Variety noted the following:

Start saving now for Project Natal. Bach says the new control peripheral for the Xbox 360 will mirror that of the console itself – start high, then slowly work its way down. “Relative to Natal, we’ll see how the pricing cost works out,” he said. “But people should except that it will go through the usual price curve.”

I’m still stoked for Project Natal, but I really hope that the price won’t alienate those of us that aren’t financially able to enjoy it. Natal has the potential to destroy what makes the Nintendo Wii different, and I’m hoping that Microsoft can see that and prices it accordingly.

Source: Variety

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