Former BUNGIE Staff Create Moonshot Games

Moonshot logo

While I personally am not a fan of the Halo series (BLASPHEMY!!), it’s undeniable that the Halo universe has heavily-influenced the current generation of gamers and single-handedly sold hundreds of MILLIONS of Xbox’s and Xbox 360’s. Well, three former Halo developers have founded a new studio called Moonshot Games. Quoted from the press release:

“stars need not be limited to multimillion-dollar projects supported by armies of ground crew. There is a place in history for that small, nimble craft, built smartly on a modest budget, and piloted by expert hands.”

Moonshot Games plans to focus its efforts on developing high-quality downloadable titles. I’m hoping to see titles akin to Braid, Shadow Complex, and the just-released Lucidity. Here’s hoping that they can put their great minds and development talents together and crank out great titles.

Source: GameInformer

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  • I’m very curious to see what they churn out and to see if they can have success making games that are not like Halo.