Gearbox Exec: Easy Achievements Mean Better Sales Figures


Randy Pitchford, head honcho at Gearbox, whose FPS/RPG hybrid title Borderlands, hit store shelves later this month on October 20, sees us ‘Achievement Hunters’ as an important niche in the gaming community. He sees us as so important that he made the achievements EASIER to get in order to move more units off of the shelves.

“The Achievement hunter, who’s going to make purchase decisions around the Achievements per minute to ratio – he’s probably buying ten to twenty titles a year, or at least playing that many,” Pitchford told us. “He’s playing a lot. So he’s a very frequent customer, and you want to be in that pile. That’s just business.”

The sad truth? IT WILL WORK!!

I already want the game. I really do. Ever since I saw the teaser trailer a couple of years ago, I wanted it. Now the boss of the development company wants to make the achievements easier to get? I’m all over that. Muchas gracias, Senor Pitchford!!

Now I just need to search the pillows of my couch for money to buy it. **Sad face**

Source: Official Xbox 360 Magazine UK

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  • I’m sure this tactic works well with the majority of Ach. Whores but with me all easy Ach make me do is rent a game I normally wouldn’t. If I buy a game it’s gonna be one that I am genuinely interested in and want. That being said I want Borderlands for what it is and it’s nice to have a side order of achievements to go along with it. I’ve yet to purchase a game for Ach’s.

  • ZED

    Ha, Ach Whores, thats good.

    If your game is good people will buy, if your game is good and it has easy achievements, more people will buy it.