Playstation Store Update Oct 8, Less Than Impressive

Playstation Store Logo

So, it’s been a week since the PSP Go came out, and with such an amazing update to the Playstation Store last week, one would assume the PSP portion of the Playstation Store would be steadily increasing at an exponential rate each week to catch up to all of the games available for UMD.  This, however, was not the case yesterday as the store only brought 3 new PSP games to the PSP store (one of them being critter crunch, which isn’t even a UMD-based game).

Come on Sony, really?  You had everyone excited about being able to download any game you wanted to for the PSP Go and so far, there has been next to nothing available (especially when compared to the library of UMD games available in stores).  Even the prices for the games are a little high, but I won’t go into full detail about that.  I don’t think there are any Square-Enix games available yet, which is surprising because they would sell a ton of digital copies.  I myself am waiting for Dissidia and Crisis Core to make their way over to the Playtation Store because so far I have only downloaded Monster Hunters Freedom Unite (which so far to me seems a little overrated).  I don’t think it would be wrong or unfair to ask for at least 10-20 new PSP games on the Playstation Store per week until the full library of UMDs is up on the Store.  You owe it to the people who spent $250 on this new system to at least offer more games to download.  Especially since there is no other way for us to get the games.

I would hope next week brings a multitude of PSP games to make up for the fact that there were next to none coming out this week.  Bring us Square-Enix!

For the full breakdown of this week’s Playstation Store update, check out the Playstation Blog.

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