Digital Cowboys: Episode 125

DC 125

In this weeks packed episode, first we talk for an hour with Sean Elyssium Sands and Julian “Rabbit” Murdoch of the seminal podcast Gamers with Jobs. Both of them have young children and we discuss the process of introducing games to your kids and where to go from there.

The review section features a run round FIFA 10, Need for Speed: Shift and a complete gutting of Dead Space: Extraction for the Wii.

For next week go to and watch the whole series of Red VS. Blue Reconstruction, because we’re going to be talking to Burnie Burns and Goeff Ramsey about machinima. This is series 6 of Red VS. Blue but it’s also a reboot of the story and a relatively serious movie in the process. It’s filmed using the Halo 3 engine so fans of the series will be well at home.

The music for the end of the show is Happy by Mark Tschanz from his album Blue Dog.

We’d like to thank Sean and Julian again for coming on, they’ve been very patient and gracious and proved to be perfect podcast guests.

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