Ready For A Rip-Tooting Good Time??

FollowWestern Wind from creators Rock Ridge comes wafting onto your IPhone for a comedy game that involves beans, cowboys and some musical flatulence(farts). Simon Sez styled game play plus a little fart humor keeps you playing for hours either following the farts or making your own fart tunes. Remember the old saying “Beans beans the magical fruit the more you eat the more you toot?” Now you can enjoy the musical undertones of your fart creations without having to wear a gas mask or alienate your friends.

Never Heard of Rock Ridge Games a company based in Austin well maybe you have heard of some of the companies there creators have worked for. With over 30 years of experience combined with companies such as EA, Sony and Acclaim just to name a few. Many of the creators have worked with some major licenses such as NFL, MLB and NBA with so much under their belt they have a good head of steam going for them.

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