The Top 5 Changes In Video Games

As we all know the video games industry is a big one, one that has a lot of competition, and all of the competitors have one thing in common, they all want money, and sometimes in order for those companies to get the money they want and may well deserve (but in most cases just want) they change their products. Whether it be whilst a game is still in development or a sequel is set to be released most video game franchises will go through a noticeable change at some point in order to remain fresh. These are the top 5 changes in the gaming world.

Borderlands // Number 5

When Borderlands, a game which gives players the chance to experience a true hybrid between an FPS and RPG, was first announced it had a generic bland look similar to Fallout3, and whilst in development some clever clogs over at Gearbox decided to change the art style completely to the cell-shaded style of graphics you see above making the ugly world the game is set in a beautiful masterpiece. That is why Borderlands deserves the number 5 spot.

Call of Duty // Number 4

There is a lot of first person shooters, there always has been and there always will be, most of which are set in World War II and give players a chance to shoot Germans in the head, or in fact any body part they wish But in 2007 Infinity Ward changed all this when Call of Duty 4 was released. Instead of being set in the old WW2 setting the game was set in the modern day, hence the name ‘Modern Warfare’ The game is one of the most critically acclaimed of all time and with hundreds of thousands of people playing on-line to this day Call of Duty gets in with number 4

Guitar Hero // Number 3

In 2005 Activision revolutionized the way people play games by introducing their ‘casual’ game Guitar Hero, which gamed packaged with a controller that had taken the form of a guitar, letting wannabe rock stars finally live their dreams in their own living room. Guitar hero has been a best seller ever since, storming the charts with new games on a regular basis but in 2007 Guitar Hero was threatened with competition, EA games had teamed up with Harmonix to create the next sensation in music games, not only did EA’s Rock Band come with a guitar, but it also included a drum controller and microphone, finally letting friends and family join in and experience full band play. A year later Activision realized their franchise could end here and finally brought the drums and microphone to Guitar Hero World Tour. If this didn’t happen Guitar Hero may not have shone on to this day and that is why it thoroughly deserves the number 3 spot.

Need for speed // Number 2

EA’s Need for Speed used to be great, it was the step-daddy of racers behind only racing simulators such as Gran Turismo, but lets face it the games got worse and Need for Speed Undercover was a disaster of a game, the frame rate was pants it had another one of those B-Movie style stories and it just wasn’t fun to play, it wasn’t even so bad you could laugh at its poorness it was just bad. Thankfully this year the series was revived as Slightly Mad Studios took the wheel, tweaked the engine, did a few power slides and turned what was once an illegal street racer into a somewhat hardcore racing sim with the realistic graphics physics and cockpit view Need for Speed has never been as good as it is now! Need For Speed truly deserves the number 2 spot, so it got it.

GTA // Number 1

You should know what Grand Theft Auto is and if you don’t then you shouldn’t be on this website, it is focused around video games after all. GTA is undoubtedly the granddaddy of open world games letting players go wherever they want, go wherever they wish and kill whoever they want in anyway possible, and no matter how retro the original over head view maybe and no matter how nostalgic it makes you feel now, there is no denying the fact that the game couldn’t have stayed like that forever, and in 2001 everything changed as Grand Theft Auto made its debut into the next generation appearing on Xbox and PlayStation 2, but not only was it a much more powerful game but it was all completely 3D giving players even more freedom to do what they want, and if this change wasn’t made it wouldn’t be the best selling game it is now with Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas and the most recent GTA IV all topping charts. Grand Theft Auto is now one of the best games ever made and that is why it most definitely deserves the top spot today.

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