5th Cell’s Jeremiah Slaczka Speaks


When 5th Cell came to E3 with a little-known game called Scribblenauts, everyone thought it was just another casual game for the DS.

Until they played it, that is. After people tried it out, it became one of the critics’ picks of the show–for good reason. It’s an addictive game that is so unlike other titles out there that players just couldn’t get enough of it. Well, Gamasutra got the opportunity to talk to Jeremiah Slaczka, on of 5th Cell’s co-founders, about Scribblenauts, the ideas behind its creation and development, and some ‘pretty big’ plans to develop for Xbox Live Arcade in the future.

Other titles developed by 5th Cell include Drawn to Life, Lock’s Quest, and Drawn to Life 2. Check out the entire interview at Gamasutra, as it’s a really good read.

Source/Photo: Gamasutra

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