Epic Mickey Confirmed


I have been informed that Epic Mickey, an upcoming video game designed by Warren Spector, will be released in the Fall of 2010. This game will only be available for the Nintendo Wii, which was confirmed by Joystiq. Spector has been collaborating with Walt Disney Feature Animation and Pixar in conjunction with the project.

Mickey will be receiving a character redesign in the game, they are attempting to give him a more “retro” look, his first makeover in quite sometime. Also featured will be post-apocalyptic renditions of Goofy, It’s a Small World, the Haunted Mansion, Spaceship Earth, Epcot, and Cinderella’s Castle.


Epic Mickey is said to be a platformer that involves both the painting and erasing of levels. Mickey uses tools to restore the world to normal by drawing and scribbling his way through levels, mending broken bridges by applying the right color paint or peering through the walls after applying thinner. It’s going to be a struggle to stop the lower cast of characters from dethroning the mouse.

The main antagonists of Epic Mickey are from the older and more obscure Disney elements, including theme park rides and older cartoons. When they were forgotten, they became trapped in a “forgotten” world of broken machines and bitter personalities. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (first appearance 1927) hates Mickey because of his success and is looking to get revenge. He sends the Phantom Blot (first appearance 1939), who uses a sticky black ink that will make the colors of the world run and fade to pollute the beautiful world.


More and more information and updates are coming out every week.  Keep an eye out for more on Epic Mickey!

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