Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: GTA IV Week Introduction


When I revealed the event two weeks ago, there was a minor outcry. Twitter folks unfollowed me and I got more than a little jests at my choice of this week. So I’ve chosen the beginning article of this week to go through why I think GTA IV deserves its own week. A week to take the game apart, piece by piece, and show you my real opinions on the game. But before we begin all of that hoo-ha, let me introduce you to a small writer on a nice neat community website. His name is Nathan Hardisty, and he came from a small time blog with a big ambition. To take games apart, and show people what they’re not looking at.

By now you’ve already guessed that the little writer is me, and the blog I cam from was my own The Purple View. But way before that, a year or so, the brave little games writer inside him was caged up. He was too busy caught into the world of writing fiction to consider starting up his own blog or even writing up his opinions on games. All that changed when a little bomb called Grand Theft Auto IV hit the scene. For almost a year of his life, he had watched and had been hyped up by this. He had read reviews, magazines, forum posts and he hadn’t doubted the game ever. That was until April 29th.

That boy with a simple hobby had his entire gaming life crushed in two by Grand Theft Auto IV. It promised a serious and emotional storyline, revolutionary gameplay and the game to define a generation. I won’t get into detail about the scene of the crime, that’s the point of this week, but it left that little boy angry. He started to look through his collection, games he hadn’t played for weeks, games that nobody played anymore. Thus was born the gaming writer inside him, and The Purple View setup shop. He would act out his revenge on Grand Theft Auto IV, and he would devour all those who opposed him.

By now you’re just either reaching for the Close button or thinking I’m mental, but everything above is true. GTA IV changed something inside of my little world of written work, it started first to leak into my fiction writing and then took over my world. I devoted articles to taking the game apart, some people disagreed with me but some people found themselves playing it over and agreeing with me. Once I had brutally murdered GTA IV, or so I thought, Rockstar brought out an expansion called The Lost and Damned.

Something about it changed my perspective on Grand Theft Auto IV, there was something different. A real, meaty, true Grand Theft Auto hidden in the expansion pack. Not a depressing, emotional storyline but balls to the walls fun. I stopped murdering the game and instead floated on by to Platform Nation, picking other games apart piece by piece. It’s been almost eight months now and I’ve left the game in the shadows. I look at both my 360 and PS3 copies and see the dust all over their covers. It almost makes me sad. Almost.

Well, now is the time to rip this game a new one. One last time, a brutal massacre between the high hills of Rockstar and the shy, socially inept nerd Nathan Hardisty. Consider it like seeing your parents being murdered, then building yourself up and finally acting revenge upon the one who put you in your place. Yeah, I’m the goddamn Batman. In two weeks, Ballad of Gay Tony launches but before that thing hits, it’s time to take a trip back to April 2008. A trip to the heart of pop culture, a trip to the real Liberty City. A trip that much just change your stance on the game.

Or not…

  • Monday 12th October – GTA IV Week Introduction
  • Tuesday 13th October – Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Wednesday 15th October – Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer
  • Thursday 16th October – Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: The Lost and Damned
  • Friday 17th October – Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: The Ballad of Gay Tony Expectations
  • Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th October – Webcomic 1# and 2#

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  • ZED

    My friend always wants me to play GTA4 Multiplayer with him. And I just cant. My brother always plays GTA4 Multiplayer and just watching him playing the same thing over and over again made me not want to play it at all. I’ll start to play a bit of online before and after BoGT, but when that’s done, very VERY little will I touch GTA.