Married Gamers Extra Life Event Sat, Oct. 17 at 10 AM

by Chris Brown

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On Saturday October 17, The Married Gamers will once again take part in the 24 hour gaming charity event to raise money for the Texas Children’s Cancer Center. Last year video game enthusiasts from around the world raised more than $120,000 to help kids struggling with pediatric cancer. This year, The Married Gamers and other like-minded gamers aim to set our fund-raising on “Legendary” and play with our eyes on a future in which children can find the help they need and, God willing, a cure. To that end, The Married Gamers invite you to give to Chris (aka Leftybrown) or Kelly’s (aka Mrs. Leftybrown) donation page and sponsor us as we play games for a very worthy cause. Also, we heartily invite you to join the movement and sign up to take part in the Extra Life event on October 16, feel free to join our Married Gamers team of game playing fundraisers or hook up with your video game community of choice.

Click on the links below to give or join:

Leftybrown’s Extra Life Page Mrs. Leftybrown’s Extra Life Page
The Married Gamers Extra Life Team Page Extra Life Main Page

Chris and Kelly are also sweetening the pot for those who want to give. Feel free to give whatever amount, any amount of money will be put to good use for kids in need. However if you want to receive public kudos or even some nifty swag, The Married Gamers (Chris & Kelly) have the following incentives:

  • For a $15 donation, The Married Gamers will thank you here on the website and on the podcast.
  • For a $24 donation (sponsoring either of us at just $1 an hour) The Married Gamers will thank you and will also set up a time to face-off against you in a game during the Extra Life event
  • For a $120 donation (the equivalent of sponsoring at $5 an hour)  you will also become a hour-long on-air sponsor, tell ing us what game to play. In addition the first 5 $120 sponsors will get an official Married Gamers t-shirt in your size.

The final incentive is a doozy, and has the potential to make Chris’ Extra Life event torture:

  • For a $1000 donation Leftybrown/Chris will play one song of your choice from Rock Band or The Beatles Rock Band for all 24 hours of Extra Life. In addition, all $1000 sponsors will also get a Married Gamers T-shirt.

Yes, you heard that right, Chris might be playing Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” for 24 hours straight!

The Married Gamers will again be broadcast all 24 hours of the Extra Life event beginning at 10 AM PST on The Married Gamers Live! site.  Also The Married Gamers will be podcasting live at 1 PM PST.  We also have some unannounced fun giveaways while we play, and aim to face-off or play with other Extra Life participants during the Extra Life 24 hour gaming charity event.

Once again, please help make a difference in the life of sick kids from around the world.  Join or give to Extra Life and the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

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