Amanita Design’s Jacub Dvorsky on Machinarium


At the age of 15, while in grammar school in the Czech Republic, Jacub Dvorsky started to create games for the PC. In fact, at age 17, he published the first PC CD-ROM title ever in the Czech Republic.

Now, at age 30, Dvorsky is releasing the PC title Machinarium. Apparently, the closest the anyone has come to describing it is that it’s ‘a bit like Myst‘. If any of you had the pleasure of playing the PC Flash title Samorost, Dvorsky was the brain behind that. In fact, he was everything behind it because he designed and developed it all by himself. The only portion that he didn’t do was the sound (he recruited one of his childhood friends to do that).

While Machinarium is supposed to be a huge hit for those of us who enjoy the adventure genre, Dvorsky has also considered developing titles for Xbox Live Arcade, including porting Machinarium over to Xbox Live Arcade as well. He’s spoken to Microsoft already and is also a Nintendo-registered developer, so WiiWare may also see Machinarium.

Below are a few screenshots from the game. Enjoy!!




Machinarium Level - Screen 1

Source: Gamasutra

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