SEGA Taking 100% Responsibility for PS3 Port of Bayonetta


As with many early multi-platform titles developed for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and even the Nintendo Wii, the game was developed on the Xbox 360, then ported over to the Playstation 3. It appears that is certainly the case with Bayonetta, the SEGA title that looks strikingly similar to CAPCOM’s Devil May Cry games. But I digress.

At any rate, SEGA has gone out of its way to show that they were the company that ported Bayonetta over to the PS3. At least so says this screenshot from the PS3 demo:

converted by sony

I don’t really have a problem with this as long as it’s in the ending credits, where it appears most of the time on games that are ported to another platform. It seems a little over the top and in bad taste on Sega’s part to go out of its way to let us know that they performed the port. Maybe they are still a little steamed that Sony’s original Playstation effectively destroyed the Sega Saturn in the North American market (although the Nintendo 64 didn’t help matters any, either).

From what I hear, the Bayonetta demo on PSN is pretty decent. I wish I had a PS3 so that I could give it a try.

Source, Photos: Kotaku

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  • Alex

    You call this news?

    And if you were a developer who put lots of time, money, and effort into a port, would you not like the recognition you deserve? The company that ports the game is just as important as the company that made the game and as such, should be displayed at the beginning title screen when you start the game.

    I see nothing wrong with this move nor do I see this as being even CLOSE to being in bad taste.

    You’re making something out of nothing just for the sake of writing a news article.

  • Note that I wasn’t the originator of this ‘news’. That would be Kotaku. Don’t kill the messenger, please.
    Also, the developer of the game, Platinum Games, is under the SEGA umbrella. The reason that I pointed out that it was SEGA that did the port was because I felt that it was odd that SEGA went the the extreme to show this, by itself, on a single screen, rather than in the credits list, where it’s normally shown when titles are ported.
    I agree that the porting of titles by a developer/publisher isn’t news, but the method in which SEGA went out of their way to show that it was ported IS news in my opinion, which, last time I checked, I am entitled to. 🙂

  • Bails

    From all accounts, it seems they’re should be an apology attached to that screen. Does the xbox 360 version suffer from the same frame rate issues?

    Sega haven’t done shit right for a long time.

    • From what I’ve heard/read, the PS3 version seems to suffer screen-tears, while the Xbox 360 version does not. However, apparently, the INSTALLED versions suffer frame-rate issues while playing from the DISC does not.
      Shouldn’t it be the other way around?