Brian May Says A Queen Rock Band May Happen!

Not so long ago we saw the release of The Beatles Rock Band which used the basic Rock Band mechanics and ideas but focused them solely on the big time band.  The Beatles (hence the name The Beatles Rock Band) the game was fantastic so why should EA and Harmonix stop at The Beatles, well they wouldn’t and things are starting to look good for Queen fans.

A 10 track Queen pack has been announced as Rock Band downloadable content, and the band is to make an appearance in the upcoming Lego Rock Band. Queen guitarist Brian May told the BCC “It’s the ultimate accolade, to be portrayed in Lego,” and “My dreams are all fulfilled now.”

May also said that there has been “behind the scenes” talk about a dedicated Queen Rock Band game, he also said that the band were into the idea and that he thinks it will happen.

This piece of news has got me all excited now I have always wondered why they haven’t had a rhythm game based around them yet , and to celebrate the possibility I have been singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody as I have been typing, so apologies if you see any random lyrics dotted around the article.

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  • ZED

    Really?!?! I would love to see that!

  • Alphathon

    That would be awesome! Does SingStar Queen not count as a rythm game though? (You could call it a Kareoke or singing game or something I suppose, but still).

    There are few bands that I think this kind of thing fits with, and Queen is definitelly one of them. Both Kiss and Iron Maiden would probably work as well I think (they need the kind of mass interest, lots of strong songs, and a big presance). Metallica pulled it off ok, but it would have been better if it were more like Beatles RB (like a chronology featuring only Metallica songs). Aerosmith and Van Halen on the other hand…

  • Aaron

    I don’t like the direction they’re going with this. It seems like they’re trying to be just like Guitar Hero when Rock Band is better than that. DLC is better than switching discs every other song.

  • ZED

    I agree with Aaron. Keep it as DLC and GH, stop making Band-Based Expansions. I was gonna buy every GH game this year (5) but i’ve decided to stick with the Main Series of games. The only two i’ve bought tis year are GH5 & RB: Beatles, plus countless DLC. And yes, I intend on getting RB: Lego, it just seems so awesome.

  • Jake Green

    The difference between these and Guitar Hero is, the band specific Guitar Hero games are treated just like an expansion of songs, however I really noticed in The Beatles Rock Band that they tried really hard to create the experience of being The Beatles and playing through their career rather then any underground band you like.

  • Yeah I don’t know about everyone else but I got tired of Rock Band/Guitar Hero games a long time ago. There’s no reason that either franchise needs any more disc based games when they could just as easily make everything DLC. This is exactly what EA does every year with Madden and NCAA, if they would wait for a longer period of time between releases(not just one year) we could see dramatic changes in each game. I’m tired of game companies doing this kind of stuff. Keep it to DLC if at all possible!

  • Well as long as games like The Beatles RB keeps selling well, I don’t see these companies leaving the cow’s nips alone.

    Queen is a good choice. Not sure Iron Maiden has enough appeal and KISS is overrated.

  • ZED

    Harmonix did a way better job with thier first band-based expansion. Where is any DLC for GH: Metallica or Aerosmith? NOWHERE! But RB: Beatles gets 3 albums in 3 months. ‘Abbey Road’ on Oct 20 for 1360 MSP or $16.98!

  • @ ZED. Plus the detail in Beatles RB is great. It feels like a lot more quality was put into it.