Tekken 6:Video Blowout & Chance To Win Signed Copy


Tekken 6 is only two weeks away and Namco Bandai is celebrating the coming release with a chance for Tekken and Twitter fans to win a copy of Tekken 6 signed by Harada-san, life sized Tekken figures, and more. In order to win you must play “Tekken Talk.” It is the first real time fighting game for Twitter. If you want to play, just click here and sign up. The game sounds intriguing and the prizes are pretty top notch.

Along with Tekken Talk, four new trailers for the game have been released today. Check out three of the trailers below and click here for the newest “What will you fight for?” video, which features real life counterparts of some Tekken 6 ladies duking it out. Tekken 6 looks great so far and crazy as ever and I can’t wait to play.

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