Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Characters Leaked

Disclaimer: This is leaked news/a rumor and not currently confirmed by the developer of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Today, Gamespot released a short clip of the new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC character Psylocke. Unfortunatly for Activision and Vicarious Visions that is not all the news they released. In the video, Gamespot shows the character selection screen. On that screen you can clearly see Carnage, previously announced, and Psylocke, but you can also see Magneto, Cable and Black Panther. Here are some pictures, via Shadowdoggy, on the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 official forums.

You can also clearly see Cable, Black Panther, and Magneto in the video below. Just press pause at 6:40 and you can see the three unannounced characters.

This all but confirms a list leaked onto the web a few weeks ago which had all five character’s names. I personally believe that you are truly looking at the rest of the DLC. There were tons of leaks about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 before its release and I do not see a reason why those leaks would not continue. Also, the video is so clear that it makes it hard not to believe.

So, is this leak real or a clever ploy by Vicarious Visions to throw us off the scent of the real DLC? Will Vicarious Visions admit that this is the final list or will they pretend that this video never went up? Will Gamespot ever get to announce news from Activision again. Will there ever be a funnier informant name than Shadowdoggy? Stay tuned to P*N for answers to all these questions and more.

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