Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC: Psylocke


A week has gone by since Carnage was announced as DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and now a new character is being shown; Psylocke. If you haven’t heard of Psylocke before, check out the video below (skip to 6:00 to get to the MUA2 section).

Psylocke has a long and crazy history. Even longer and crazier than most comic book characters. What you need to know is that she’s a mutant, x-man, ninja who creates psychic swords that can cut through almost anything. She has had other psychic powers in the past, everything from reading minds to enhancing other mutants powers, but it is definitely Psylocke’s purple, telekinetic swords that make her stand out from the rest of the mutant pack.

Also announced for the DLC pack are two new simulator disc missions. One has gamers facing waves of enemies while a timer is ticking down. Kill enemies to add time to the clock. The second has players sandwiched between two energy walls. You have to stay in between the walls while also fighting off the enemies trying to kill you.

via Gamespot

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