Some Other Podcast, Episode 30: High Five!

It’s our thirtieth episode, and you know what that means: cake! We’re completely on a sugar high from all the frosting we inhaled beforehand, so you’re going to have to excuse the tangents. You know, like you usually do. In between tangents, we do find time to talk about demos (for good and evil), the scariness of hard games, and just what the proper use of those Modern Warfare 2 goggles might be…


Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Katamari Forever


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona PSP

Demon’s Souls

Uncharted 2

Sony confirms 250 gig PS3 for $350 to drop November 3

Bayonetta demo available on Japanese PSN

God of War 3 demo coming out in Japan for purchasers of inFamous

Left 4 Dead 2 demo 10/27 for preorder customers, 11/3 for everyone else

Facebook and Twitter coming to XBL in November

WoW film to be written by Saving Private Ryan guy

Daily Star says MW2 goggles will be used for pervy stuff

Black Wii remote and nunchuck coming 11/16

GameStop director drops 2.3 million shares of stock

Magic the Gathering getting expansion 10/21 on XBLA, will cost 400 MS points

Avatar Halloween costumes coming to XBL

Band Hero demo on XBLA

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