We’re Not Dead Yet

bad dayI know it seems you haven’t heard from us in a dog’s age.

Or make that a Hound’s age.

Anyway, we’ve been inundated with a bunch of special projects. Mostly we’re digging out from the storm that hit California this week. You know what happens when you mix eight inches of rain, 70 MPH winds and a 100-year-old bouganvilla? You get a front yard full of about 2,000 pounds of wet, sopping, collapsed tree with about three-inch thorns. It’s not pretty. And it’s a three-day ordeal getting it upright so you can walk out your front door.

You also get a pretty pissed-off mailman.

And you don’t get a GameHounds episode or a couple of Humpdates. Sorry. Don’t worry. We’ll be back on Sunday.

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  • killquick

    Wow that looks like over-growth there, someone needs to trim the hedges (LOL) just kidding, hope noone was hurt bad.

  • NP