Wii Has Some Of The Decades Bestselling Games

This decade has been filled with many fantastic games, but which games make the top five? According to NPD North American sales data, Wii has three of those top five games.


Coming in fifth place is Mario Kart Wii, selling 6.7 million units. This racing game is the sixth installment of the Mario Kart series (not counting the two arcade games) and only the second Mario Kart title to use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This Mario Kart includes motorbikes, scooters, go-karts and more. It also, like other games in the series, includes players from all other Mario games and and tracks themed from the different games as well.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hits the charts at number four. Selling 6.9 million units since released in October of 2002. This is also the sixth game of it’s series. Most of the inspiration from Vice City comes from 1980s American Culture, set in Miami. Like other games in the series, Vice City has elements from both driving games and third-person shooters.


Next in the running at number three with 7.9 million units sold, is the Wii Fit. The Wii Fit uses a unique platform peripheral called the Wii Balance Board, allowing the software to, among other uses, calculate body mass index (BMI) when told the user’s height. Training on Wii Fit is divided into four categories: yoga, strength training, aerobics, and balance games. The activities provide a core workout, emphasizing controlled movements rather than overexertion.


In the second spot is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They’re just slightly ahead of the Wii Fit, selling 8.25 million units. The eighth game in it’s series, and the second GTA game in the top five, GTA: SA is the highest selling game of all time on PlayStation 2. The game is set, of course, in San Andreas in the early nineties. It, like GTA: Vice City, has components of both a shooter and a racing game.


Now the one we’ve been waiting for! Standing quite high at number one is Wii Play with 11.1 million units. The Wii Play uses characters from your Mii Channel to play all the minigames. There are nine games total, each can be played with either one or two people. Included are Shooting Range, Table Tennis, Laser Hockey, Fishing, and many more!

So, Microsoft and Sony, the Nintendo Wii is shaping up to be some heavy competition! I’m quite excited to see what the next decade will bring!

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  • I like the Mario Kart game because it is more challenging as you get to the next level.-‘*