Borderlands DLC Detailed


Borderlands is set to release on October 20th in the U.S. and it has been announced some exciting DLC will be available later this year for the game.  The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned which is slated to be one of many DLC updates for the upcoming FPS/RPG hybrid will have a price tag of 800 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360 or $9.99 on the PS3.  The DLC will focus around Dr. Ned who is in charge of keeping workers of Jacob’s Cove alive by any means necessary which includes creating zombies.   You will fight along side of Dr Ned as you attempt to cure some of Dr Ned’s handy work.  The DLC is set to have new weapons, rare loot drops and new enemies.

Sounds pretty good right, but is this what the game development has turned into?  Let me explain what I mean by that statement.  We have games that haven’t even hit the store shelves as of yet and the DLC is already announced and detailed, which brings me to my next point.  If we already know that we are paying in the upwards of $90 for the game with DLC why don’t they give us the whole deal right off the bat?  I know a lot of us would not pay $90 for a game, but look at your library of games and on the average figure how much you have invested in DLC?  I know I am looking at a few games I have invested $90 into them with the price of the game and the DLC combined and I have played the game and enjoyed the added features the DLC provided me, but why not give the gamer a little extra right off the bat.


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  • You pay 60 dollars for the full game right away. I am guessing that Borderlands has been done for a while and they have been working on this since the game went gold, but it would not have been ready for the game’s release, which is why it will be DLC. Hopefully it is worth the 10 dollars to buy it.

    But I am guessing that the rest of the DLC packs will be made using money from selling the game. If a game like Fallout 3 came out with all 5 of its DLC packs it would have taken much longer to make and would have been extremely expensive to make.

    That and you are right to assume that most people wouldn’t buy a 90 dollar game. A bigger number than you think do not buy these DLC packs or even have their consoles connected to the internet.

    I am not attacking your opinion or anything, I am just making the argument that DLC is the only way a lot of these extras for games could have been made.

  • ZED

    Why couldn’t you release this info about 10 or so days after the release?

    4 Player Co-Op On A Zombie Island, That’s Not Familiar…

    Looking forward to playing this game, the 4 player aspect making it way funner.

  • Jake Green

    I don’t usually buy DLC, but this looks pretty awesome.

  • thedustymedic

    Im buying the SHIT out of this add-on. The game rocks as is, but zombies make any-thing better.