Digital Cowboys: Episode 126

DC 126

We welcome to the show this week; Burnie Burns and Geoff Ramsey from Rooster Teeth productions two of the guys responsible for Red vs Blue; a web-based animation series utilizing the Halo engine.

We give them a full 90-minute interview and discuss the show from it’s humble inception as a five-part joke about pink armour all the way through seven series and three Halo engines to their close relationship with Bungie (they even contributed an Easter Egg moment in Halo 3).

If you’ve not yet experienced the show go here to and at least watch some of the PSA’s first, if not the entirety of Reconstruction.

Many thanks to Burnie and Geoff for coming on, we’ve been long-time fans and this was something of a special occasion for us.

There are samples of their work in audio form throughout the show. The music is by Trocadero and comes from the RvB series.

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