Mass Effect 2 Character Reveal: SUBJECT ZERO


Some are just for 'F*** YOU'.

I understand that I’m about two weeks late to this party, but, given my strong affection for all things Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, I felt that it’s necessary to post these pieces of media.

Subject Zero is a female character who looks like she could take on any enemy she faces–male or female, human or alien–and win handily. She makes Ashley look like a feeble little girl with all of her fighting prowess, both unarmed and with weapons at the ready. All of this comes with a kick-ass attitude, the experience to back it up, and some pretty bodacious biotic abilities to boot. I just get the feeling that I’ll be using Subject Zero and Grunt in my party VERY often in Mass Effect 2. Both appear to be totally unstoppable, in my opinion.

Courtesy of TeamXbox:

[It’s] apparent from the start that she may be too much to handle – even for Commander Shepard. In a flurry of non-stop action showcasing her combat experience and strength Subject Zero reveals only a bit about her mysterious past, and says she’s “been around, ran with gangs, wiped out some gangs.” Viewers will be able to see a little bit of Subject Zero in action, as she proves with firepower and fighting maneuvers how valuable an ally she will be in Mass Effect 2.

Subject Zero may have the most mystery surrounding her of any of the Mass Effect 2 characters to date because of all of the tattoos that she has etched on her body. Some are to remember, while others signify all of her favorite kills or, as she would say, ‘the good ones’. Others are just for ‘F*** YOU’.

Seriously, January 26 cannot get here fast enough for me. This WILL be one of the few titles that I actually purchase in 2010. To be perfectly honest, I may dedicate more time to Mass Effect 2 than I have into Mass Effect. Those of you who know how much time I’ve invested into Mass Effect can pick your jaws up off of the floor now.

Source: TeamXbox (quote), YouTube (video), (screens)


MassEffect2 SubjectZero 1600x1200

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MassEffect2 Thane_SubjectZero 1280x720

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