Mushshoom Wars Out Now

Mushroom warriors line the hills, thinking of their fungus children and wives back home. In front of them is their enemy: purple killing machines who want to take their land. Behind them is the home they love and have vowed to protect no matter what the cost. This is no game. This is Mushroom Wars!!!!

Ok, so the game isn’t that intense, but it looks like a great new RTS game out now for the PSN. Pit your adorable mushroom army against the enemy mushroom army for domination. The battles take place in close-quarters maps and favor simple controls so that gamers of any kind can play.


You can test your army in 18 levels of skirmish mode, 25 levels in Campaign mode, or in one on one local multiplayer. Different battle types include Domination mode, where you try to take over specific points on the map, and Conquest mode, where you must completely destroy the enemy mushroom army. Throw in custom music support, trophy support, and the ability to upload your games to Youtube and you have a great deal at only $10.00.

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  • Toby

    I can’t see paying 10 dollars for this title with out playing over the PSN with others.