Mass Effect 2 Finds A Release Date

mass-effect-2-logoThe original Mass Effect was considered to be one of the best games of 2007. So, naturally, when BioWare announced Mass Effect 2, more than a few people got a little excited. E3 came and went, teasing us with, well, a teaser trailer, but no official release date was forthcoming…until now.

Earlier today, EA had this to say over Twitter:

Just announced: @masseffect2 will be released on 1/26 in NA (1/29 in EU)


I know they said Mass Effect 2 would be released sometime in Q1, but I’m a little surprised (pleasantly, I might add) that they’re shooting for late January.

See what has everyone so excited–watch the E3 teaser trailer.

Look for Mass Effect 2 on PC and Xbox 360.

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  • Well done, sir!! I guess I follow so many people that I missed that tweet. I’m SO STOKED!!

    Now to figure out where I’m pre-ordering. This also gives me a deadline for me to get my characters/storylines completed.